Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kyrsten Sinema's voting record‏

Kyrsten Sinema, former State Representative, Legislative District 15, who is running against my client, Bob Thomas, for the Senate, apparently missed a lot of votes in 2009. According to the story, reprinted by the Capitol Times (on a date few of us read the paper), Ms. Sinema failed to vote in the 2009 Session nearly 40% of the time for a total of 140 missed votes.

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) gave her a rating of 31% (out of 100) for her voting record towards small business in particular and business in general.

Floor Votes Missed During 2009 Regular Session
By Evan Wyloge, Cronkite News Service
As released by the Capitol Times
Published: December 30, 2009 at 3:03 pm
Name #Missed (%Missed)
Rich Crandall 254 (66.5%)
Olivia Cajero Bedford 154 (40.3%)
Matt Heinz 146 (38.2%)
Kyrsten Sinema 140 (36.6%)

Source: Carole V. Bartholomeaux for Bob Thomas, LD15 GOP Senate Candidate


Jim Ellis said...

Just heard that Ms. Sinema is on a list of the "up and comers" in politics according to a KTAR 92.3 FM radio story (PM drive time, 10/15/2010).

My take is that not showing up for work nor representing LD15 must be a qualification.

The same story (open for verification) included a sound bite wherein Kyrsten stated that she was flattered and would consider wherever the opportunities (or open doors) took her. That might be fine but if Washington DC is on her horizon via eventual retirement by AZ4th Ed Pastor and not focused on LD15 then she ought to focus on the private practice for now and let us have strong representation in the meantime.

I voted for Bob Thomas to represent LD15. Mr. Thomas has a solid track record as a successful businessman, a gentleman and actually has a work ethic and track record in standing up for our community AND for actually showing up for the fight.

Best wishes to Ms. S and her future but it's time to elect a real representative. Vote Bob Thomas for LD15 !

I voted for Thomas/Condit/Yoder for strong representation in LD15.

condit2010 said...

Caroline here!
Thank you for your vote of confidence in me. Having been a practicing Nurse for many yrs in Az, I vow to "show up, read and vote for each bill presented in the House".
I have NO idea what to expect once seated as I have never run before, but I DO know, as a Nurse, I am walking into a hornets nest especially when it comes to the state budget, I will approach it as a Level 1 trauma. Bottome line, I will be a part of an exciting time in MY lifetime and one I DO NOT take lightly.
I support my Senator Bob Thomas and look forward to outlining and sending him strong bills that SUPPORT the citizens of our GREAT state of Arizona....VOTE Thomas, Condit AND Yoder!
In Gratitude of those who support me. Caroline B Condit LD 15 House

Paul said...

Don't you love it! THIS is the legislator the Az Republic says has shoes that will be very hard to fill-----Missed 140 votes out of 382??? You gotta be kidding me. The problem is, the shoes are so MUDDY, but yeah, Caroline and I could fill them....

The QUESTION is, do the voters in LD 15 want that kind of representation in the senate? I say it's time for a change and Bob Thomas represents a chance for some REAL representation and he has my vote too.